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Skin Phillips

Skin Phillips

Originally from Swansea, Wales, Skin Phillips has spent the last 30 years travelling the world photographing the best skateboarders. He's captured timeless moments that have documented skateboarding's emotion, style and progression. He's done all of this with such grace and charismatic flair that he has become everyone's friend.

His work is ingrained across skateboard culture and forever charts the vast progression that professional skateboarding witnessed throughout the infamous 90s period. Coming out of the 1980s, street skateboarding exploded around the world and no more so than in California. This would become the epicentre and Skin was front and centre, living in San Diego and working for Transworld Skateboard Magazine.

Skin's photography was a major part of this generational change in skateboarding and by creating such special moments in time, he played an important role in shaping this defining era. With a deep archive of rich work that includes the best skateboarders of their generation, we are proud to present a selection of Skin's work.

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