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  • ACE TRUCKS AF1 GOLD | Trucks by Ace Trucks MFG 1
  • ACE TRUCKS AF1 GOLD | Trucks by Ace Trucks MFG 2
  • ACE TRUCKS AF1 GOLD | Trucks by Ace Trucks MFG 3


Ace Trucks MFG
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      Introducing one of the strongest and most technical trucks ever made - the AF-1 from Ace; offering game-changing performance without compromising the original geometry. Years in the making, this truck features Ace's proprietary casting process for a 70% increase in the aluminum's integral strength, coupled with SCM440 steel axles and a true T6 heat-treating for superior strength throughout. Hate stripped axles? Fear not - the AF-1 is the first ever truck to include re-threading axle nuts, meaning you'll never have stripped axles again!

      FEATURES Baseplate Style
      • Standard
      • Set of 2 Trucks
      Strongest Cast Truck Ever Made
      • All-new proprietary process
      • Strength at a molecular level
      Faced Hangers
      • Machined to perfection so the bearings sit flush
      Laser Etched Sizing
      • No more guessing sizes
      Bonus Re-Threading Die
      • Keep it on your key chain to fix a friend's axles on the fly
      Re-Threading Axle Nuts
      • No more stripped axles
      • *Patent Pending Technology
      Upgraded Pivot Cups
      • Hand-poured 96a urethane
      • Maximum durability
      Improved Suspension
      • Refined bushing and washer shapes
      Upgraded Axles
      • SCM440 Alloy Steel Axles
      • Non-slip, don't trip
      Material Upgrade
      • Higher grade aluminum
      • True T6 heat treatment
      Refined Baseplate
      • Improved strength
      • Comes in a 100% Biodegradable Bag

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