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Krux Truck Co. Downlow Kingpin Set

  • Krux Truck Co. Downlow Kingpin Set | Bolts by Krux Trucks 1
  • Krux Truck Co. Downlow Kingpin Set | Bolts by Krux Trucks 2
  • Krux Truck Co. Downlow Kingpin Set | Bolts by Krux Trucks 3

Krux Truck Co. Downlow Kingpin Set

Krux Trucks
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    • Set of two

      from NHS:


      Upgrade your trucks with the Krux Hollow Downlow Kingpins!
      Make your trucks lighter and never hang up on smiths or feebles again! 

      Lighter and Lower than your crusty old kingpin!
      Fits in most tall and low trucks.

      4mm lower than a standard height kingpin!

      4 grams lighter than a standard kingpin!

      How is it lower? The top piece is the washer and you don't have that extra length caused by the kingpin nut.

      Frequently Asked Questions:

      Will they make my trucks lighter?
      Yes, if you have regular (not hollow) kingpins they will make each truck 4 grams lighter.

      Do they work with all krux?
      Yes. They work perfectly with all krux. Standard, K4, Downlows, Forged, etc.

      Do they work with other trucks?
      They will work with most trucks but depending on their baseplate design you might have use something to keep the nut from spinning.  So you may have to tighten or loosen your trucks to how you like them when they are not on the board. They do work best with Krux since Krux baseplates hold that nut in place so you can tighten and loosen the trucks on the board easily.

      What size is the allen key?
      The replacement kingpins include the wrench or it  can be found at most hardware stores.

       Will they make my trucks lower?
      They will not make your actual trucks lower but they will lower the top of the kingpin so it won’t catch on grinds.

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