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5Boro NYC

5Boro NYC

5Boro NYC was started by Steve Rodriguez in New York City around 1996. Alongside Zoo York and Shut Skates, it's now one of the oldest skateboard brands in New York. Having been around so long, 5Boro has seen many different changes to skateboarding in the city of New York. Steve Rodriguez still operates 5Boro NYC and has always been somewhat of a pioneer within the city, from helping save the Brooklyn Banks to organising events that celebrate skateboarding in downtown environments.

5Boro NYC clothing and caps are worn proudly by the 5Boro team, which has always consisted of young skateboarders from across the five boroughs. Currently, it's Rob Gonyon, Jimmy McDonald, Silvester Eduardo, Jordan Trahan, Elijah Cole, Danny Falla, Akira Ishizawa, Keith Hardy, Joe Tookmanian, Ricky Geiger, Willy Akers and Tombo Colabraro.

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