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Brixton was born in Southern California in 2004 by three friends who were inspired by their surroundings and the cultures they lived within. They saw a vision for a company that produced timeless clothing with the quality and comfort of an item you've worn and cherished for years. With this inspiration in mind, they set about creating a clothing line rooted within the local culture.

One of the founders, David Stoddard, had the idea for Brixton while working for Transworld Skateboarding magazine where he worked in the warehouse before moving into an advertising sales role, which enabled him to work on building Brixton in his spare time. Bit by bit the company slowly grew, starting with Brixton hats, then t-shirts, a cut and sew line, then women's... you get the picture.

Today Brixton hats and clothing is stocked all over the world and continues to push such a classic aesthetic in a new and modern direction, keeping it fresh and innovative. Brixton Ambassadors include a range of skaters and surfers such as Brad Cromer, Kenny Anderson, Brian Delatorre, Chippa Wilson, Troy Elmore and Tanner Rozunko.

And yes, the name is inspired by the song of the English punk band, The Clash.

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