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Emerica skate shoes are a staple in skateboarding. Created in 1996 to speak directly to the core skateboarder, Emerica skateboard shoes are built to be highly functional and tailor-made for skateboarding. The legendary Emerica team has a rich history and has always consisted of some of the best professional skateboarders there has ever been - Heath Kirchart, Chris Senn, Justin Strubing, Erik Ellington and Jamie Thomas to name a few previous riders.

Emerica has also consistently produced vegan skate shoes, with the Jamie Thomas canvas vegan model coming out in 1997. Today Emerica vegan skate shoes have a section within their shoe line that totally caters to vegan skateboarders.

Emerica has signature shoes for a bunch of their pro skaters. The long-running Emerica Andrew Reynolds shoe is still available today alongside the Emerica Provost, Emerica "Figgy" Figueroa and Emerica Romero. The Emerica Wino is also a popular shoe amongst skateboarders.

Rounding out the Emerica team is Bryan Herman, Ed Templeton, Jerry Hsu, Kevin "Spanky" Long, Jeremy Leabres and Jon Dickson.

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