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Independent Trucks

Independent Trucks

Independent Trucks

Independent Trucks were established in 1978 in Santa Cruz, California. They were founded by a group of local skateboarders who would go on to become industry pioneers in Richard Novak, Jay Shuirman, Fausto Vitello, and Eric Swenson. The first ever truck, called the Stage 1, was born out of a frustration of not being able to buy a quality truck for skateboarding at the time. Ever since this early era, Independent Trucks have continued to build such high quality trucks that they have become known as the finest truck manufacturer of today. The Independent logo and their brand motto of "F**K the rest" have become iconic and illustrates how much Indy believe in their trucks.

Over the years they have increased the line and now produce a huge range of truck sizes for the various different disciplines of skateboarding and board sizes. Independent trucks come in low, high, lightweight, titanium, hollows, anodised . Of the entire range, Independent Trucks 149s are one of the most popular trucks in skateboarding. Independent clothing featuring the Independent logo is also hugely popular. The company also makes super good Independent bushings, bolts and bearings.

Independent Trucks are forever backed by some of the heaviest skateboarders. Any Team Manager working in skateboarding today will tell you that the Indy team is solid as they've consistently had a huge range of professional skateboarders with legends such as Andrew Reynolds, Jeff Grosso, Danny Way, Steve Caballero and Tommy Guerrero. Through to the new guns in Daan Van Der Linden, Cyrus Bennett, Louie Lopez, Luan Oliveira, Alex Olson, Justin "Figgy" Figueroa to name but a few.

Read more about Independent Trucks, including size guide in our Buyers Guide.

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