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Just Have Fun (JHF) Company

Just Have Fun (JHF) Company

JHF Company was started by DGK pro, Boo Johnson. It began after Boo spoke to longtime friend and Grizzly Grip Sales Manager Lumbo. They made up a few samples of hats and had a good response from friends and fellow skateboarders. From there the company was licenced through Grizzly.

JHF has its origins in the local skate scene of Tehachapi, California. It was a skate crew that began way back in 1998. Lumbo wanted to start something positive, he was at the age where hormones were rife and boards were getting broken out of anger. It annoyed him that skateboarding, an objectively fun activity, was bringing this negativity out of him. From that point on he began writing JHF on his griptape to serve as a reminder to Just Have Fun, enjoy skateboarding, and don’t stress.

Boo Johnson was a kid at this time, 7 or 8 years old as Lumbo recalls. He was skating with the crew at the time, as was always down with JHF. When Lumbo moved away, Boo kept JHF alive in the local scene. The two stayed in touch over the years, both making it into the skateboarding industry, before linking up again to create the brand.

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