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Kryptonics Wheels

Kryptonics Wheels

Kryptonics Wheels are old school 70s-style skateboard cruiser wheels that have been around since 1965. The Kryptonics company were early pioneers of skateboard wheels and the technology used to create them. Kryptonics were the first company to use polyurethane wheels in skateboarding, long before modern urethane was invented. Prior to this, skateboard wheels were made out of clay, wood and iron.

1976 brought the Kryptonics Star Trac wheels, Cruise and Route standard wheels, which were made using the newly available material of urethane. Star-Trac urethane featured a unique double hardness, soft on the outer wheels and firmer inside to improve the ride. Star-Trac also pioneered bearing seat tolerances, so skateboard bearings could sit perfectly within the wheel.

Kryptonics Wheels were skated by legendary professional skateboarders at the time - Jay Adams, Stacy Peralta and Tony Alva. Kryptonics Wheels were heavily seen in the iconic photography of Glen E Friedman who captured these early Dogtown & Z Boys skateboarders. Kryptonics were also known for their huge range of shortboards, cruisers and longboards in many different shapes and sizes.

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