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Polar Skate T-Shirts come in a variety of styles, colours and fits, meaning there is something to suit almost everybody. Whether you’re into clean logo based designs, such as the Stroke Logo T-Shirt, or graphic style t-shirts, which display illustrations from Pontus Alv, Jacob Ovgren and Emile Laurent.

The graphic Polar t-shirts come from the creative minds of the Polar Art Department, namely Pontus and Jacob, but also with contributions from the team including Dane Brady and Emile. Whilst their graphic styles are all unique, the themes and ideas they communicate share a common thread. Often fantastical, thought-provoking and with a dose of dark humour. Polar stripe t-shirts have been a staple of the brand's clothing collections for some time now. A good example of this is the stylish Striped Surf T-Shirt which has featured across several different seasons, always bringing fresh new colours and displaying Polar's 90s aesthetics with its oversized fit.

Whether its vertical or horizontal stripes, you can always count on Polar to create something tasteful. Long sleeves offer the option of layering, particularly welcome during the colder months, long sleeve Polar Skate Co t-shirts are again full of variety in terms of colour and designs. Some follow the same styles as the short sleeve versions, whereas others, such as the Shin long sleeve - inspired by team rider Shin Shanbongi - have a look all of their own.

Polar's t-shirts are all made of 100% cotton which means you can trust that they will be comfortable and, providing you get the correct size, the fit will be great. For their graphic tees, Polar use a mixture of both CMYK and screen printing ensuring a high-quality product that will last. Their logo shirts, such as the Team Tee and aforementioned Striped Surf Shirt feature embroidered logos. There are recurring themes with it comes to Polar skate t-shirts. Pontus's alter ego, Klez Zawisza, regularly pops up on their clothing. Similarly, Pontus treats fans of his pre-Polar skate videos with references and imagery from ‘The Strongest of the Strange’ and ‘In Search of the Miraculous’ adorning shirts.

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