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Polar Skate Co. Hoodies

Polar Skate hoodies are available in many colours and designs. Polar hoodies are either 100% cotton or a cotton and polyester mix (70% - 30%), meaning they're of great quality, you can find brushed and unbrushed versions depending on the design and your personal preferences. There are pullover and zip-up options. There are clean and simple designs of Polar Skate Co Hoodies. For example, the Polar Default hoodie and Contrast Default hoodie, both featuring a small embroidered Polar logo on the front of the hoodie, the Contrast hoodie makes use of stylish contrasting stitching.

Polar Skate hoodies come in some excellent graphic options. Previous examples include the TK Fill Hoodie which is 100% cotton, featuring a CMYK print of a Tynan Kerr Polar Fill Logo. It also features the script logo printed on the front. Those with a more anti-authoritarian streak may be drawn to the FTP hoodie, complete with cartoon-style artwork from Polar skater Emile Laurent printed on the front. Pontus Alv's skate company release a strong selection of hooded sweatshirts with every collection, so keep your eyes peeled for upcoming Polar Skate Hoodie drops.

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