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Polar Nick Boserio Deck

Nick Boserio joined the Polar ranks in 2016, it's difficult to think of a skateboarder who more embodies the Polar mantra of 'charge' more than Brass.

When it comes to Nick Boserio pro decks, we are somewhat spoilt for choice. The Polar graphics department, namely Pontus Alv, Jacob Ovgren, Stefan Narcinic and others, release stellar graphics on a regular basis.of 'charge' more than Brass.

One of the first Nick Boserio decks that Polar released was in fact designed by Nick's wife, Brittney. The family theme is one that has continued with a recent Polar Nick Boserio deck featuring a cartoon drawing of Nick's daughter, Cleo.

Polar skateboard deck range are available in a variety of shapes and sizes. You can find them in a standard popsicle shape, but also on the many special shapes that Polar creates - such as the P2 Special Shape, the P8 Special Shape and the Dane Special Shape. Meaning that whatever you're style and approach to skateboarding there will be something to suit you.

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