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Ricta Wheels

Ricta Wheels

Ricta Wheel Dynamics was born in 2000. Created by Jeremy Fox and Ian Deacon, Ricta wheels brings innovative technologies to skateboard wheel design.

Ricta Speedrings feature a unique core design that puts their performance urethane around the core to provide the feel of a traditional wheel with the speed and reduced resistance of a cored wheel. Ricta wheels offer shapes that are easy to understand. Slim, wide, round and mid, coming in sizes 51mm to 54mm. Ricta Clouds are their all-terrain wheel available in three durometers – a soft 78a cruiser wheel, a medium-soft 86a wheel ideal for ditches and rougher terrains, and a 92a ATV wheel that delivers the versatility to ride on a variety of surfaces and obstacles.

The Ricta skate team consists of Wade DesArmo, Yuri Fachinni, John Shanahan, Tom Asta, Chaz Ortiz, Maurio McCoy, Samarria Brevard, Felipe Nunes, Blake Johnson, Brian Reid, Jereme Knibbs, Stevie Culhane, Alexander Risvad, Daniel Ledermann and Will Mizzari.

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