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Rip N Dip

Rip N Dip

RipNDip is a Los Angeles based clothing brand bringing a fresh approach to streetwear. Doing what they want, when they want, they bring a heavy dose of attitude with Lord Nermal the cat presiding over everything they do. The cat makes many appearances on RIPNDIP t-shirts, hoodies, caps and jackets.

RipNDip have created quite a phenomenon around their brand. It was started by Ryan O’Connor in Orlando, Florida back in 2009. Today it is based in LA, where they also have their flagship store on Fairfax Avenue, located next door to Supreme.

Using a revolving style of humorous comic illustration and graphic applications has rocketed the popularity of RipNDip around the world. The brand is largely based around their leader and mascot Lord Nermal, who is normally seen giving the middle finger salute. The cat appears across skateboards, jackets, longsleeve tees, socks and their iconic Lord Nermal pocket tee.

Another recurring slogan - 'It Must Be Nice - appears across RipNDip caps, RipNDip hoodies, RipNDip pins and of course RipNDip t-shirts. Their huge product line includes RipNDip backpacks, socks, pants and sweats, even an inflatable chair and soft plush toys!

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