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Santa Cruz Skateboards

Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz are one of the oldest and longest running companies in skateboarding. They sold their first skateboard in 1973 and Santa Cruz is responsible for some of the groundbreaking and early technology in skateboarding. Their Road Riders wheels were one of the first to ever use urethane, the revolutionary compound that ended clay wheels and brought speed to skateboarding. Their timeless Santa Cruz Slimeball wheels are still around today.

Santa Cruz skateboards also pioneered their own style of board graphics that became synonymous with their brand. Iconic logos such as the Classic Dot and Screaming Hand are etched within skateboarding history. The artwork of Jim Phillips is still present today with many of the professional skateboarders who rode for Santa Cruz in the 1980's having reissued decks. Skaters such as Eric Dressen, Tom Knox, Jeff Kendall, Rob Roskopp and Jason Jessee are just some of the legendary skateboarders Santa Cruz turned professional.

Santa Cruz have always produced a huge range of products, using cartoon characters such as The Simpsons, Bart Simpson, Homer Simpson and Duff Beer skateboards. More recently they've made Mars Attacks skateboards. Alongside Santa Cruz clothing they produce many accessories, as well as Surfboards, Snowboards and formerly Mountain Bikes.

Santa Cruz still make professional skateboards today for riders such as Tom Asta, Emmanuel Guzman, Tom Remillard and Erick Winkowski.

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