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Shake Junt

Shake Junt

Shake Junt is a supplier of skateboard hardware and accessories. It was created by Shane Heyl and utilises all the hip-hop infused good times he’s been privileged to have while skateboarding. Filmer Beagle is also involved making Shake Junt ‘for the homies, by the homies’.

Shake Junt hardware is part of the Baker Boys Distribution family, so you know it’s quality when the Boss - Andrew Reynolds is involved.

Shake Junt griptape has become iconic within skateboarding, from pro skaters to kids at the skatepark. Shake Junt griptape comes in a huge range of colours and designs. Jamie Foy, Neen Williams, Jon Dickson and Andrew Reynolds get signature Shake Junt bolts and The Boss even has his own Shake Junt Pro bearings. Shake Junt t-shirts and Shake Junt hoodies are part of a deep apparel collection. These sit alongside many Shake Junt accessories such as tools, rails, riser pads and Shake Junt stickers. Two times if you know me.

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