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The National Skateboard Co.

The National Skateboard Co.

The National Skateboard Co.

The National Skateboard Co. is a British based company which was founded in 2012 with an air of mystery. A selection of U.K skate stores were sent a t-shirt emblazoned with a brick patterned logo and a list of the original team riders. The company now boasts an impressive team of legends and talented up and comers. The team currently consists of Dave Mackey, Danijel Stankovic, Neil Smith, Denis Lynn, Vaughan Jones, Dan West, Cam Barr, Josh Young, Tom Harrison, Andy Evans, Michal Juras, Gregoire Cuadrado, and Tom Tanner.

They released an excellent self-titled full-length video in 2016, a video which cemented their place as one of the U.K's foremost skateboard companies. They then backed this up with a promo a year later, which announced Denis Lynn as their latest professional rider.

They produce ranges of high-quality skateboards and clothing, often paying homage to, and referencing, music and cinema in the graphics they create. Recently they have released a guest pro model for Blueprint legend Colin Kennedy, as well as collaborating with artist Stefan Marx on a collection of skateboards which will raise money for the mental health charity Mind.

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