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Transworld Skate Magazine

Transworld Skate Magazine

Transworld Skate Magazine was formed in San Diego in 1983 by Peggy Cozens and Larry Balma. The magazine was anthesis to Thrasher Magazine’s ‘Skate and Destroy’. The Transworld slogan being ‘Skate and Create'.

The skateboarding magazine sought to focus on the positive aspects of skateboarding. Providing a different take to the often brash and uncompromising style of Thrasher. Something that Transworld felt was lacking in American media at the time.

Over the years Transworld Skateboard Mag had some major names working at the publication, including the likes of Dave Swift, Skin Phillips and J Grant Brittain. The magazine was well thought of for the photography it included and also the skateboard videos which they produced. The current Editor in Chief is Jaime Owens.

Countless incredible photos have appeared on the cover of the magazine, including the iconic Skin Phillips shot of Josh Kalis at the Golden Gate Bridge. Classic Transworld videos include ‘Feedback’, ‘Modus Operandi’ and Sight Unseen’.

Transworld Magazine is sadly no longer in print following a decision made by the current media company owners in March 2019. It was a huge blow to skate media as a whole. Thankfully they will continue online and we hope for many more years of Transworld's voice in skateboarding.

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