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WKND Skateboards is an independent skateboard company based in Los Angeles, California. The company is the brainchild of skateboarder and videographer Grant Yansura. Grant is known for his work with Nike SB, and is the man behind the Cosmic Vomit skate video series.

WKND was born, in some degree, from the Weekendtage videos that Grant and his friends produced. WKND was to be an outlet for their fun and silly ideas. Grant has described the brand as a bi-polar skateboard company. In one video you'll find a funny parody and the next it's something more serious and artistic.

The team is heavily involved in the image and direction of the company. Videos are a collaborative effort with everyone chipping in ideas, jokes and directions. Team rider Alexis Sablone is somewhat of a one woman art department. Alexis designs many of the WKND board graphics that are released. She also contributes animations to the videos.

The current WKND Skateboards roster includes: Alex Schmidt, Jordan Taylor, Christian Maalouf, Trevor Thompson, Andrew Considine, Alexis Sablone, Johan Stuckey, Karsten Kleppan, Raymond Molinar, Taylor Caruso, Caleb McNeely and Zac Gracie.

WKND Skateboards is part of the Hyperion Distribution umbrella. Hyperion also distributes Pass~Port Skateboards, Frog Skateboards and Butter Goods.

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