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Yardsale is a London based skateboard brand that was created by Daniel Kreitem in late 2012. Daniel believed that the UK skate scene needed something else that he could deliver. Enter Yardsale. Inspired by 80s Miami - think sunsets and cocktails, neon lights and pastel colours but throw in some south London grit. Strange mix I know, but Yardsale manages to fuse it together.

Cream knitwear, Velour quarter zips, two tone tracksuit bottoms and Campari t-shirts scream of 80s YSL, Valentino, Versace and Dior. Yardsale, similar to Palace Skateboards, sit firmly at the junction point of where skateboarding meets retro luxury fashion and streetwear.

On the skateboarding side, the Yardsale team consists of Julian Kimura, Darius Trabalza, Curtis Pearl and Sam Sitayeb. The visual direction to Yardsale videos echo's the apparel. The owner, Daniel Kreitem films, edits and directs to bring a cohesive element, which wraps Yardsale up into a powerful brand with a brighter future.

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