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Rain Gear

Rain gear, sadly, is a necessity for skateboarders in many parts of the world. We can't all rely on the seemingly perpetual Californian sun for our skate sessions.

The best waterproof jackets for skateboarding will be lightweight, such as a waterproof windbreaker, they're easy to carry around as you move about the place, nobody wants a heavy raincoat slowing them down. A breathable rain jacket won't go amiss either, skateboarding gets you sweaty enough as it is without wearing a suffocating waterproof.

Waterproof winter jackets are probably best kept for the off the board, mostly due to the point made above, unless of course, you're attempting to skateboard in close to freezing temperatures - in which case good on you.

On Parade, you'll find rain jackets for men and rain jackets for women, and many that fall into the unisex category. This means finding waterproof clothing to suit your style and needs shouldn't be a problem. Select from brands such as Patagonia, HUF, Carhartt, adidas Skateboarding and POP Trading Company.

Rain Gear

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