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adidas Skateboarding Evisen 3MC Shoe Release

adidas Skateboarding Evisen 3MC Shoe Release
Posted by Neil Chester1 min read
Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Adidas Skateboarding continues to partner with legit skateboarding operations. Tokyo’s finest - Evisen Skateboards - put their touch on an adidas Skateboarding 3MC to create an instant classic. Coming in a durable leather with subtle red hints suggests the country of birth and inspiration. Clean throughout with popped Evisen tongue branding reflects the Evisen teams love of Sake.

A clean vulc wrap on an adidas HexFlex outsole all adds up to great shoe for skateboarding, leaving out all unnecessary details.


Part of the adidas Skateboarding Evisen collection is a five-piece clothing pack designed by the Evisen team. Designed with a simple goal of creating rad clothing they would love to skate in. Skate staple longsleeve's partner with a water repellent track jacket and matching track pants. Also a woven soccer-style jersey is on offer with a heavy crewneck rounding out the collection.


If you’ve not heard of Evisen yet, track down a copy of their last video simply titled The Evisen Video. It’s a visual treat in the way only Japanese videos can be.

Shop the collection on Parade by searching for 'adidas evisen'.

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