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Blobys Paris: New Et Vasey Clip

Posted by Neil Chester11 min watch
Friday, May 03, 2019

‘Et Vasey’ is the latest edit from Blobys’ lensman Hadrien Buchanic. It features the majority of the Blobys crew tearing it around Paris - Gregoire, Karl, Roman, Vincent, Salim - alongside the Parisian youth - Auguste, Marius, Sammy and Evan

Our guy Heitor Da Silva is part of a cast of visitors also featuring in the clip, with Hermann Stene, Gunes Ozdogan, and Thierry Gormit. Keep an eye out for Filip Almqvist’s clips in particular, very nice.

You’ll also catch some clips of style god Gauthier Rouger, and other Helas affiliates such as William Monneris, Stephen Khou and bossman Clem.

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