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Doyenne Skateboards Summer Release

Doyenne Skateboards is a women run, ungendered skateboard brand to support minorities and empower disadvantaged youth

Doyenne Skateboards Summer Release
Posted by Matt Broadley4 min read
Monday, July 08, 2019

Doyenne began just two years ago, the women behind the company prefer to remain anonymous, which, when you understand what Doyenne represents, makes complete sense. Their ethos centres around community, inclusivity and empowerment.

“When I started skateboarding I noticed that there weren't many girls, LGBTQ people, or people with disabilities involved. Through speaking to people that were part of these groups I often found they wanted to skateboard, they'd just never had the opportunity, or didn’t think it was for them as they'd not seen anyone like them doing it.”

Starting out small, Doyenne had no idea they’d be where they are now. Initially making some t-shirts to help remedy the fact that there weren’t many brands that existed to support women and LGBTQ skateboarders. They donate part of the profit from their sales to some of the many incredible skateboarding charities, and also run beginners skate sessions in Glasgow, where they’re based.

“The impact the beginner's sessions have had is incredible, the Glasgow scene is completely different now. I'm in a group chat of 35 girls, there were only two of us at the start! Most of them are skateboarding because of the beginner's sessions. Seeing that there is a brand that supports skateboarders like them means they have the confidence to do it too."

A look at their latest collection reveals garments with a playful, ironic take on traditionally male-dominated spaces, where women often only exist as sexualised objects. A mechanic style jacket and a car wash print are shot in situ for the new lookbook. The collection also sees Doyenne move towards more ethical production methods, they’ve teamed up with Pia Schiele of Loutre to create two styles of trousers which are handmade in London and completely ethically sourced.

"We're creating an ambassador scheme, where women and LGBTQ people can be supported to teach skateboarding and nurture their communities"

Doyenne’s new collection comes with the news they will be starting a charity project of their own, ‘Across the Board’, due to launch in October. The 10% of each sale that’s usually donated to charity will be put towards a project to help spread the beginner’s sessions across Europe.

“We’ll create a kind of ambassador scheme, where women and LGBTQ people can be supported to teach skateboarding and nurture their own communities. The idea is to raise money so we can give them extra boards, support organising events, pay the costs of events and everything else."

“The point of the charity is to also have support in places outside of the major cities, where maybe there aren't as many people involved in skateboarding. We hope to fund these projects with the summer collection, we hope to be more ethical with the way we produce garments and to manufacture our own things. It's a difficult thing to do when you're a small brand, but we're working towards it. Every time we try to be better with the way we do things. So that's our goal, to grow so more people know what Doyenne represents and what we do.”

Doyenne is just one example of the many amazing things that are happening within the skateboarding community, support them if you can.

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