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En film av Pekka Løvås

De Andre

Posted by Neil Chester30 min watch
Saturday, February 02, 2019

The Norwegian skate scene is off the hook. There are so many amazing skateboarders coming out of Norway - it's kinda craze!

If you have seen any of Pekka Løvås's previous films, or just follow European skateboarding, then you will be familiar with the many names of: Magnus Bordewick, Heitor Da Silva, Hermann Stene, Gustav Tonessen, Jan Henrik Kongstein, Marcos Shaw and Karsten Kleppan. Some of these names are a significant portion of Europe's top talent, but there are lesser known dudes from Norway that are on a similar level. Each one is killing it, making Pekka's film a must watch.

De Andre, Pekka's latest film features a mix of these well and lesser-known skaters such as Jonothan Drab, Dan Stene, Eirik Ballo, Frederic Winsents, and Stian Jacobsen. Pekka is producing a full-length video about every 1.8 years, which is an alarming rate given you can barely skate in Norway for about 7 months of the year!

De Andre is hosted by the good boys over at Free.

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