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Girl Skateboards Beastie Boys

Girl Skateboards Beastie Boys
Posted by Neil Chester2 min read
Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Girl Skateboards co-owner and movie director Spike Jonze has had an amazing career thus far. By starting out shooting photos of skateboarding and BMX, he soon graduated to filming skateboarding. He went on to make one of the best ever skate videos - Blind’s Video Days.

This immersion in the world of film carried Spike into shooting skateboarding that featured in the music video of Sonic Youth’s - 100%. This was the 90’s and MTV ruled the airwaves. Music videos were like mini-movies, awash with these amazingly creative storylines and characters all squashed into three minutes.

Before long Spike had already got a couple of Breeders and a Dinosaur Jr video under his belt. Then along came the Beastie Boys, whose Ill Communication album turned a corner for the band sound wise. Spike pitched them an idea about shooting a spoof 70s Cop Show intro segment as the music video to the song - Sabotage. Complete with terrible overacting, dodgy wigs and hugely exaggerated movements, it was a huge hit. Awards galore. Then came the video to Sure Shot. The rest, as they say, is history.

Celebrating the incredible career of Spike Jonze is the latest collection of Girl Skateboards that features board graphics with Spike's photography that he shot on-set while filming many of his in videos.

Shop the collection by visiting the Girl Skateboards section on Parade or by searching for Beastie Boys.


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