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HUF Dylan Slip-On Skate Shoe Review and Wear Test

The HUF Dylan Slip-On is put through a ten-hour wear test

HUF Dylan Slip-On Skate Shoe Review and Wear Test
Posted by Matt Broadley4 min read
Saturday, June 01, 2019

The ever diligent guys at Weartested sent over another thorough skate shoe review, this time taking a look at the HUF Dylan Slip-On. Read on to see how this shoe faired over the ten hours of testing.

The mark Dylan Rieder left on skateboarding culture was not only down to the many high-quality video parts he released, whether it be with Alien Workshop, Gravis or Supreme. But also the influence of his style, both on and off his skateboard, that inspired skaters across the globe. Take a look at his Gravis part, it’s evidence of a fine balance between gnarly tricks and a seemingly effortless approach.

Dylan joined HUF back in 2012 and in 2014 they released his first signature shoe, one that embodied Dylan’s style and attitude. Initially, the design of The Dylan left some people scratching their heads wondering ‘does it skate?’. Whilst the silhouette is not too dissimilar to that of a formal dress shoe, The Dylan was created with plenty of technology which would allow it to handle the wear and tear of skateboarding.

Since Dylan’s sad passing, HUF has continued to release his shoe as a tribute to one of skateboarding’s greats, donating the proceeds to Dylan’s family. With the recent news that HUF will no longer be making skateboarding footwear, we decided to bring you one final HUF Weartested article. Read on to see how the HUF Dylan Slip On performed during a rigorous ten-hour wear test.


The HUF Dylan Slip-On shoe fits true to size.


The Dylan Slip-On has an all suede upper that stood up impressively well during the ten-hour test with only a small hole appearing in the ollie-area. The quality of the suede selected for this shoe is easily one of the better quality suedes we’ve skated, this means good durability.

The shoe’s toe box is made up of one large panel which holds up well against the abrasion of griptape. The stitching which holds the panels together is located in the shoe’s sidewall area, this means that they’re well protected from any griptape wear.

1. HUF Dylan Slip-On Skate Shoe Review and Wear Test. Durable long lasting skate shoes.
2. HUF Dylan Slip-On Skate Shoe Review and Wear Test. Durable long lasting skate shoes.


The cushioning of the shoe is fairly minimal. If you take a look at the cut-through image you can see that the shoe makes use of a combination of a thin sole construction with a thicker foam insole. In order to counter the thinness of the sole HUF uses this thicker foam insole, which increases in thickness as it tapers at the heel. This design means that cushioning is improved, but those of you who like to skate sizeable stairs and drops will be left without much protection. 


The shape is one of the most crucial design elements of the Dylan Slip-On. The shoe fits exactly how you’d imagine it to, it’s snug and slightly narrow. The topline (where you put your foot in the shoe) is also quite slim. The shoe does widen at its mid-foot area, whilst the toe box is slim and pointy. This means that the model is likely to better suit people with slim feet.

3. HUF Dylan Slip-On Skate Shoe Review and Wear Test. Durable long lasting skate shoes.
4. HUF Dylan Slip-On Skate Shoe Review and Wear Test. Durable long lasting skate shoes.

Boardfeel and grip

Given that there isn’t too much cushioning put into the shoe the boardfeel is excellent. The sole, throughout the toe box and front area, is nice and thin, which when taken in combination with the shoes good grip means you get great contact with the board. The grip didn’t decrease at all during our ten-hour wear test. You’ll find the special HUF sole pattern, which is nice and flexible, this means the shoe covers a greater surface area on the griptape, which in turn increases the grip you get.

Comfort and stability

The Dylan Slip-On is an odd one when it comes to comfort, as ultimately it’s going to come down to your preference in skate shoes, particularly whether you like slip-on skate shoes. The construction of the Dylan means it fits the foot snugly, meaning it feels almost like an extension of your foot compared to bulkier models. The construction of the sole is thin, so as we mentioned earlier it doesn’t offer the greatest of cushioning.

In regards to stability, the shoe performed averagely. Whilst HUF have made use of high-quality suede material that means the shoe’s shape and structure holds up well, the heel area is lacking in support.


The Dylan Slip-On is an excellent option if boardfeel and grip are your main concerns, the durability of the shoe is great too. The construction does fall a bit short when it comes to the stability of the heel and overall cushioning.

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