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Introducing: Palomino to Parade

Introducing: Palomino to Parade
Posted by Neil Chester3 min read
Thursday, February 14, 2019

We couldn’t be happier that Nick Sharratt, owner of the London based online store Palomino has joined Parade and in doing so, he brings a great perspective to the Parade community.

Palomino upholds strict ethics when it comes to the style of skateboarding that Nick wants to present through his store. Nick started the business with a huge respect for UK skate stores and the blueprint in building and supporting local skate scenes. Looking to extend this support, he began curating many niche brands such as Scumco & Sons and Bronze 56k that were little known in the UK but had an underground audience in the US.

The love of discovering and exposing niche brands was followed up by a personal passion for independent skate videos, which nurture the growth of local skate scenes. Palomino now holds the largest selection of hard to find DVDs in the world and sourcing these films for his customers viewing is one of the most enjoyable aspects of running the store. In this way, he supports and exposes these vital local scenes, which in turn, promote and grow our culture. This ethos is the Palomino mantra and it extends across his personal curation of the brands he carries.


The motivation to start Palomino was during the many years that he spent hunting down rare items for himself, from trying to find that small skate brand or a rare copy of a vintage skateboard magazine. This was his passion. Often having to deal with customs and excess shipping charges from around the world he decided that he needed to take matters into his own hands and create the store of his dreams. After spending over a year sourcing the product from the correct mix of independent brands, films, book publishers and other artefacts of interest, he launched Palomino online in August 2012.

Now in his sixth year of business and despite the headwinds and challenges of running an independent business, he still adheres to the principles he started out with. Palomino was the first shop in Europe to stock Bronze 56k, Dime MTL, GX1000, Theories, Evisen, Lurknyc and many more previously unknown companies, something Nick is hugely proud of. Palomino also stocks hundreds of publications across books, zines and rare magazines alongside over seventy films from many independent filmmakers from various corners of the world. Also serving a full range of skateboard product from his collection of brands, ranging from London’s Yardsale to New York’s Quartersnacks via Pennsylvania’s Scumco & Sons.

This all adds up to make Palomino a service dedicated to the core skateboarder.


As always, you can shop and discover the treasure trove of Palomino via the the 'Shop by store' option or filter by Palomino across the site. Also check out their own brand merchandise.

Cheers Nick!

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