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New Grimple Stix Evan Smith Part

Posted by Matt Broadley5 min read
Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Grimple Stix, Anti Hero's Frank Gerwer run off-shoot, have released a new video of their man Evan Smith. Evan serves up a characteristically psychedelic five minutes of skateboarding with cameos from the likes of Peter Hewitt, Frank Gerwer, Mason Silva and Raney Beres.

"In a time where we have nothing but time. Where words are thrown into sentences thrown into titles - Watch Evan Smith's new "Sky Bird People Up-Jump" part for Grimple Stix."

To coincide with this banging new Evan Smith part, Grimple Stix have released two new pro models for the man himself. The first is the Evan Grimple Shrunken graphic, this features the Grimple Stix mascot relaxing in a tall field of psychedelic mushrooms. This deck comes as an 8.5" popsicle shape, with a 14.75" wheelbase.

The second pro model is the Evan Grimple Lightyears deck, a wider shaped board at 9.1" and with a shorter wheelbase of 14.4". This graphic shows the Grimple mascot passing through a wormhole somewhere deep in outer space. A couple of cosmic graphics perfectly suited to Evan's wild personality.

Grimple Stix Evan Smith Grimple Shrunken 8.5
Grimple Stix Evan Smith Grimple Lightyears 9.1

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