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Palace Skateboards Deeper Understanding Tokyo Video

Posted by Matt Broadley11 min watch
Monday, September 02, 2019

Palace Skateboards have released the footage from their Tokyo trip in November of last year, which coincided with the opening of the Palace Tokyo store.

The clip introduces Charlie Birch with a grip of Liverpool footage, the Dave Mackey clip in his part was great to see. “I’m so hyped”. It’s also the first time we’ve seen Heitor Da Silva and Kyle Wilson’s names up in tri-ferg, and neither of them disappoint. Heitor’s footage is particularly banging, that nollie flip at the end!

The old guard hold it down as well, Danny Brady has some great clips, and there’s even some Chewy Cannon footage which may surprise some given Japan’s rather strict laws regarding the smoking of cannabis.

The second Palace Skateboards Magazine, which focuses entirely on this trip, is still available to shop on Parade alongside the largest collection of Palace hardware you can find on the internet.

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