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Polar Skate Co. x Iggy NYC

Polar Skate Co. x Iggy NYC
Posted by Matt Broadley1 min read
Friday, August 09, 2019

Polar Skate Co. has teamed up with Iggy NYC, Jack Greer’s clothing company, for this excellent new collection.

The collaboration includes some new versions of the ever-popular Polar Surf Pants, an all-over ‘Alternative Youth’ print can be found in both black on white and white on black. The ‘Alternative Youth’ graphic also features on a t-shirt and the all-over print can be found on a button-up short-sleeved shirt, which is also available in both black and white version.

The Polar 93 Denim is included with a chain link design adorning the denim, these come in black and blue versions. Two further graphic t-shirts complete the clothing collection. The ‘Graf’ t-shirt is 100% cotton and has a screen-printed graffiti-style Polar logo on the front, this design is also available as a hoodie. The ‘Boys On A Ramp’ artwork is included on both t-shirts and as a board graphic.

We’d recommend being quick with this one to avoid disappointment, stellar collections such as a this are never available for very long.

Polar Skate Co x Iggy NYC - Boys on a Ramp T-Shirt and Youth Polar Skate Co Surf Pants
Polar Skate Co x Iggy NYC - Alternative Youth T-Shirt in Mint
Polar Skate Co x Iggy NYC - Boys on a Skateboard Ramp Polar Deck 8.5
Polar Skate Co x Iggy NYC - Oskar Rozenberg doing what he does best - frontside ollie.
Polar Skate Co x Iggy NYC - Collage of the 93 Polar Skate Co Denim chains in dark blue
Polar Skate Co x Iggy NYC - Sarah modelling the white Polar Skate Co Surf pants and Iggy NYC alternative youth shirt

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