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Primitive Skateboards Encore Video

Posted by Neil Chester4 min watch
Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Primitive Skateboards Encore is the first full-length video from Paul Rodriguez’s team, a team which reads like a who’s who’s of elite skateboarders. If you follow Primitive on Instagram, you’ll have no doubt have seen them travel all over the world lately. This project took just a year to complete, which for a 45min full-length video is pretty damn fast. Even more amazing given then the technical level of skateboarding on display here, it’s kinda off the charts.

With names such as Carlos Ribeiro, Tiago Lemos, Wade Desarmo, P-Rod and new rider Miles Silvas - the expectation was always high, does it live up to it? We’ll firmly say yes to this question.

3. Carlos Ribero in Primitive Skateboarding's Encore video. Switch backside tailside hubba. Carlos Ribeiro.

On top of the heavy hitters, we were stoked to see Charlie Munro, David Jakinda, Jenn Soto and Patrick Zentgraf get some shine. They really round out the Primitive team, showing it’s not all about superstar names.

This video is of such high quality, both the production and skateboarding, rather than pick out ‘highlights’, as we’d be here forever, we've chosen just a few of our favourite moments from Encore.

5. Franky Villiani in Primitive Skateboarding's Encore video. Frontside kickflip wallride. Franky Villani.

Franky Villani’s opening part was a treat. His form is on-point with his tricks executed and caught properly. He mixes up classic Baker era 10-stair to 10-stair lines with a modern twist of creativity on a range of terrain. He even ticks the jazzy pants box. Very modern!

2. Robert Neal in Primitive Skateboarding's Encore video. Kickflip over bench into bank. Barcelona. Robert Neal.

A double dose of O.G styling is provided back to back by Wade Desarmo and JB Gillet, it doesn’t get much better than that. Encore was also the official introduction of Giovanni Vianna. You may have seen Giovanni of late, his red hair making him stand out, and damn he can skate! With some serious full-cab skill, he brought many new variations to the timeless trick. All whilst wearing Vans Half Cabs no less, very impressive, dude will go far. 

Pedro Biagio is another Brazilian we’re pleased to see get a platform to showcase his insane skateboarding. Pedro’s got huge pop, some very technical ledge tricks and great style to back to it up with. We look forward to seeing more from him in the future.

4. Miles Silvas in Primitive Skateboarding's Encore video. Frontside heelflip varial over the rail.  Miles Silvas.

Miles Silvas is a recent addition to the team, but don’t think means just a few tricks given the limited time he had to film for this video. He’s certainly got something he wants to broadcast to the world, it almost feels like Numbers was holding him back. Hollywood High and Wallenberg both get a new one added to the list, with a switch backlip and a switch backside heel respectively, which surely ranks near the top. We gotta say, Miles general skill and pin-point precision is just so damn impressive. 

1. Tiago Lemos in Primitive Skateboarding's Encore video. Nollie heelflip into bank. Tiago Lemos.

Closing out the show is the other man of the moment, Tiago Lemos. It’s another incredible offering of his own unique brand of skateboarding. He’s stepped up his own game of producing lines that are not only on almost all waist high shit, but throwing in a tech consistency that defies reality. Tiago’s combination of power and finesse will never get old. He may also be outside bet for the people’s SOTY. Lets just see if Suciu and Milton have something to say on this.

Major props to Primitive Skateboards for putting in the serious effort that making a full-length video is. It’s not easy and certainly not cheap to produce one in 2019. So we take off our hat off to them and on behalf of the good of skateboarding, say thank you.

For more thoughts on the current state of full-length videos, read our interview with Dan Magee.

Photography by Oliver Barton.

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