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Stussy's How Original Video

Posted by Matt Broadley12 min watch
Monday, March 09, 2020

Stussy have released How Original - an all new twelve minute clip which was filmed and edited by Stussy team manager, Jared Sherbert.

How Original opens with a shared section featuring Hockey's Diego Todd and his fellow Ventura local, Charlie Van Lent. Standouts from this part, which is bookended by 5050 grind kickflips, include Charlie's Chris Pulman impression at the Euston banks and Diego's quick footed switch flip after an unintentional looking revert.

Following Diego and Nick is another West Park regular, Aaron Loreth. You'll likely be familiar with Aaron if you've seen any of the Call Me 917 videos. There’s some great manual variations in here and an impressive switch pole jam ender.

Lance Mountain fans rejoice, there's over a minute and a half of new pool footage from the Flip Skateboards OG. Speaking of OGs, next up is Frog's Jesse Alba, the son of Lance's good friend, Steve Alba. It's nice to see serious skateboarding from Jesse, those two tricks involving blunts and wallrides are pretty special.

The honour of closing out the video is given, perhaps unsurprisingly, to Cyrus Bennett. Cyrus comes through with some powerful footage, including another incredible example of his kickflipping ability.

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