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Wayward Skateboards AW19 Collection

Wayward Skateboards AW19 Collection
Posted by Matt Broadley2 min read
Friday, September 06, 2019

Wayward Skateboards autumn collection has just landed and the London based skateboard company treat us to some excellent new pieces.

There are new nation themed styles of the classic Wayward Nations printed t-shirts and long sleeves that have featured previously, including some bold yellow on black (WAMAICA) and red on white (WAPAN) options. Alongside the typically TRIP OOOT long sleeves.

We’re big fans of the Wayne’s World tribute t-shirt, Wayward World. Other graphic t-shirt offerings include the Get Lucky cartoon skunk in both black and white.

The Acid Terry hoodie, joggers and crews, which are available in both black and blue, feature acid washed 380 GSM cotton with embroidered logos. These look banging on their own and even more so when worn together, obviously not recommending a sweat and hoodie at the same time, it won't get that cold.

This collection also sees the Wayward boys make a move into jewellery with a Wayward branded pendant.

Wayward have just released a new video clip, titled 'YUDUNKNOW', of their recent team addition Calvin Ligono, check the ease with which he pops up that not at all small hubba at Sheffield Uni.

We're stoked to watch this company evolve with each new collection, the boys have smashed it once again. Read our interview with Snowy and Edson to get some context about the Wayward takeover.

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Wayward Skateboards - White T-Shirt
Wayward Skateboards - Wayward World T-Shirt
Wayward Skateboards - Wayward Get Lucky T-Shirt
Wayward Skateboards - Wayward Longsleeve re-up for Winter '19
Wayward Skateboards - Wayward White Longsleeve
Wayward Skateboards - Wayward Jewellery
Wayward Skateboards - Wayward Black T-Shirt

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