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Welcoming Andrew, from Downtown Miami

Welcoming Andrew, from Downtown Miami
Posted by Matt Broadley3 min read
Monday, March 09, 2020

We are pleased to welcome Andrew to Parade and to bring you their first collection of 2020.

Andrew opened its doors back in April 2017. The store was founded by three long time friends - Adrian Douzmanian, Nick Katz and Pres Rodriguez. The store takes it's name from Hurricane Andrew, a category 5 hurricane which struck the city of Miami in 1992.

Nick and Adrian had long entertained the idea of opening a store, their own version of Miami to share with the world, initially making Andrew t-shirts before the store opened its doors. Now, alongside stocking brands such as Dime, Polar and Baker, Andrew produces popular seasonal in-house lines of apparel and hardware.

Community is a major focus of the owners: "Adrian and I are very community focused. Like, all I ever want, all I’ve ever wanted in Miami is just kids to congregate and hang out because I know that that builds community and that builds culture" Pres told Hypebeast.

Andrew supports a crew of young skateboarders and gives them a platform from which to better themselves as skateboarders and, ultimately, as people - taking them on skate trips to places such as New York, Washington D.C and Paris. One of these skateboarders is Rezza Honarvar, you may recgonise from his appearances in Hotel Blue and Bronze 56K clips.

Andrew by Daniel Elyamen.
Andrew 1 by Ian O'Connor.
Andrew 2 by Ian O'Connor.
Andrew 3 by Ian O'Connor.

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