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WTF is Parade?

Parade brings the best collection of established and emerging brands from a selection of skate shops, creative outlets and artists, all in one easy shopping destination. Shop with confidence and the knowledge that independents benefit from each purchase.

WTF is Parade?
Posted by Craig Smith2 min read
Friday, February 01, 2019


Let’s start with what we love: skateboarding.

We created Parade to show the best of it, to support skateboarders, skate shops, brands and creatives from the community.

Parade is a destination that brings them all together online, promoting the culture and helping skateboarding thrive. We’ve proudly welcomed many skate shops and brands to the platform and our community is growing.

Everyone creates the culture that lives within skateboarding. So we want to hear from you. We welcome your feedback, either as a passing visitor, a customer or someone who just loves skateboarding.

We hope you like what we are doing.

- Craig & Neil @ Parade

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Jenkem Press Mention

Jenkem wrote a piece about us - "Parade is rethinking the way you buy skate goods online" from August 2019. Read here.

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