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Yardsale Playback Premiere Gallery

Posted by Matt Broadley2 min read
Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Friday the 12th of July saw Yardsale take over the Hoxton Arches in London’s East End. The reason for the gathering, besides the usual free beers and social, was to premiere their latest video, Playback.

Playback was filmed on the team’s recent travels to Los Angeles, Taiwan and Tokyo. An interesting mixture of destinations. On arrival, an impromptu session was taking place in the road beside the gallery, spearheaded by Bryce (former owner of the much loved Parlour Skate Store), spirits were high before the free beer had even begun being dished out.

Given they hail from London it was no surprise that Yardsale brought out the crowds, particularly from South. Crews from across the city converged on the Hoxton Arches to witness what Dan and the boys had been up to on their latest overseas jollies.

The video, which you’ve hopefully seen by now, did not disappoint. Dan’s editing tastefully mixed the HD and Hi-8 footage, which in turn complimented the differing aesthetics of the locations they’d visited, with the soundtrack adding a dreamlike, or perhaps jet lagged, quality to the footage.

Charlie Birch, who’s likely fast becoming a lot of people’s favourite, was on his usual tear, taming handrails with nonchalant ease. Sam Sitayeb too had some standout clips, the line with the noseslide to backtail and the clip with the folded backside flip spring to mind. Curtis Pearl’s lengthy feeble grind from the beginning of the video demands a mention, check Alex Pires’ photo of it too.

The music carried on till 1 am and the free beers were comfortably polished off, everyone said their goodbyes and headed home whilst others carried on till the morning, we’re not naming any names mind you.

Thanks to Rich West for taking photos of the night, we appreciate it’s not always the easiest scenario, and thanks to Dan and everyone at Yardsale for all that they do.

Yardsale Playback Premiere Gallery 3
Yardsale Playback Premiere Gallery 1
Yardsale Playback Premiere Gallery 4
Yardsale Playback Premiere Gallery 4
Yardsale Playback Premiere Gallery 5
Yardsale Playback Premiere Gallery 7
Yardsale Playback Premiere Gallery 8
Yardsale Playback Premiere Gallery 9

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